Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests:

We firmly believe that God’s Word is very clear about receiving answers to our prayers.  We believe in Divine healing is provided for all in the atonement.  We believe that there is nothing to difficult for God to do.  So why not let us pray for you and for the needs of your family?

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Financial Breakthrough
Submitted By:Seth McAdams
Prayer Request:I am in my fourth, graduating year of college. Although I’m using the GI bill, I’m struggling with serious financial issues right now. I believe God plans on getting me through, but I need your prayers. This is only a prayer request, but I want to be specific. I need to pay the last $297 to the school for this semester for me to be paid off, so I can apply for classes next semester. Also, pray that God will provide for basic expenses, such as food, gas, etc. Pray that God will provide everything until I graduate, because I don’t want to have to stop right before I finally finish! Pray for the grace and forgiveness to pay off all credit card debt quickly, and that I will quit using credit cards for good. Pray for complete financial breakthrough and deliverance. Thank you so much!